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Vision: To develop an institutionalized, electronic and transparent Common Market for trading in commodities, to reduce the cost of intermediation by improving marketing efficiency, and thereby improving producers’ price realization, coupled with reduction in transaction costs.

Mission: Komex is a national level institutionalized, demutualized Electronic Commodities Exchange, providing an unbiased trading platform for different stakeholders. It will provide counter party guarantee to each trade, and will ensure timely payment to sellers and delivery of quality certified material to the buyers.

Core values

  • Transparency
    The Exchange shall ensure online market to remain fair, efficient and transparent
  • Integrity
    The Board of Directors, Members of the different Committees and the management team of the Exchange shall maintain full integrity in their actions and operations.
  • Professionalism
    The Exchange shall be managed taking professional approach.
  • Partnership
    The Exchange will take the approach of strong partnership with different stakeholders of the country and other Exchanges / Associations in other countries for its business growth.
  • Commitment
    The Exchange shall remain committed to providing an unbiased trading platform for farmers, traders, corporates, processors, importers, exporters and Government agencies.
  • Customer Focus
    The Exchange shall duly protect the interest of the participants and customers.