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Frequently Asked Question

Common Benefits to all the Commodities Market Participants:-

  • Access to the National Electronic Commodities Market
  • No Counter Party risk (Central Counter-Party Model)
  • Guarantee of Settlement through banks and warehouses
  • Availability of grading and standardisation through professional agencies

Benefits to the Farmers:-

  • The best possible price on sale of agriculture produce
  • Increase in holding capacity due to easy access to warehouses
  • Direct sale to the users
  • Increase in the negotiating power
  • Reduced cost of handling and other activities
  • Availability of Warehouse Receipt Financing

Benefits to the Traders:-

  • Common platform for buying and selling commodities
  • Possibility of procurement and disposal in bulk
  • Business expansion to multiple commodities through online trading platform

Benefits to the Processors / Manufacturers / Exporters / Importers:-

  • Facilitating bulk procurement / disposal operations without any risk (counter-party and quality risks)
  • Reduction in hassles of physical market operations
  • Customised services of logistics and storage