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Market Operation

KOMEX introduces a fully automated screen based trading in commodities for all its members, clients and other associated intermediaries. It uses a modern, fully computerised trading system designed to offer market participants and investors across the length and breadth of the world a safe and easy way to transact. The trading system adopts the principle of an order driven market. The system aims to ensure that the integrity of trading is maintained through fair and equitable rules. The trading system of the Exchange will be accessible through a software application and also through mobile handset based application for executing orders for trading.

Transactions executed during a trading day will be netted at the end of each trading day and settlement obligations will be computed. A multilateral netting procedure will be adopted to determine the net settlement obligations. Thus, pay-in and pay-out obligations for funds and commodities of the members will be determined same day and are forwarded to the members, so that they can settle their obligations during the specified settlement period.